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More Tsyben by DeineTrogloxene More Tsyben :icondeinetrogloxene:DeineTrogloxene 0 0
Minus Outline
Minus's strange skin is filled in with sub-dermal ink. Flesh is emboldened by tattoos that quilt every limb. Large and small, integrated and lonely, there are many.
Membrane Canvas
Minus owns an additional set of limbs; a pair of wings branching off from his lateral muscles. These appendages resemble that of a pterosaur, complete with three clawed fingers, yet they are far too small for practical use. Instead, the leathery wings are used as a canvas for a mural.  
Hold Your Head Up High
Minus's hair takes to dye easily, being platinum blonde, but he doesn't keep up with it much. Expect his fried hair to be a dingy, washed out tone of some sort.
Window Panes
Minus' eyes are a muted blue. They are afflicted by near-sightedness and so, unless sleeping or bathing, he wears a pair of red glasses with small ivory earpieces curled like ram horns. A sooty bar of darker color streaks through his iris horizontally, almost like the markings seen on cert
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Tsyben Collage Reference by DeineTrogloxene Tsyben Collage Reference :icondeinetrogloxene:DeineTrogloxene 0 0 Aloysion + Lyrics Part Duex by DeineTrogloxene Aloysion + Lyrics Part Duex :icondeinetrogloxene:DeineTrogloxene 0 0
Tsyben Character Notes - W I P
First and foremost, Tsyben is a huge beast set with a brawler's build that peaks at an intimidating 7'1 height.
His stature is further augmented by a mantle of horns that jut from his skull like tall spears, resembling those of an oryx. Just as a deer's antlers are covered in velvet, so his horns are covered in a leather-like hide.
A series of resin and glass gauges graven with strange etchings have been implanted along the length of each horn. A red leather coat with jagged, fanged zippers fits tight over his torso.
A flask made from a small goblin ribcage is always on his person, kept in a special breast pocket.
As a fine purveyor of obscure liqueurs and magical bitters as well as old potion recipes it is only natural that he keep a sample of his wares upon his person. Best not to ask about the ingredients though.
His appearance is attractive in a harried sort of way, despite his diabolical accoutrements.
Yet he needs only to open his mouth to shut down most suitors. Not only is he e
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Sweet Little Lies by DeineTrogloxene Sweet Little Lies :icondeinetrogloxene:DeineTrogloxene 0 0 Rot Wie Ein Rubie by DeineTrogloxene
Mature content
Rot Wie Ein Rubie :icondeinetrogloxene:DeineTrogloxene 0 0
Arcadian is the son of a war hero and a female judge/oracle, bastiens of righteousness in their community.   Arc is so much unlike his parents that many suspect he may be a changeling or an enemy of his parents pinned a distemper to his soul as retribution  - but no one can say for sure what makes Arcadian tick.
The less-superstitous, less-discussed theory as to his foul nature is that he is a spoiled kid in a long-term love affair with his own need to rebel.
Arcadian has veered far from the path of virtue he was placed upon at birth - he is violent without apparent necessity and his destructive nature permeates everything he does - wrecking homes as gleefully as he wrecks the world around him.   The last trait is something he practices in a very literal sense - inhereting a beautiful sacred land upon his coming of age, he promptly tainted the primeval forest and erected a monument to waste and greed.
His residence is a junkyard workshop so filled with hoards o
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My Bloody Valentine - Zeb by DeineTrogloxene My Bloody Valentine - Zeb :icondeinetrogloxene:DeineTrogloxene 1 0 Fall downward and Rust by DeineTrogloxene Fall downward and Rust :icondeinetrogloxene:DeineTrogloxene 1 0 Away From The Sun by DeineTrogloxene Away From The Sun :icondeinetrogloxene:DeineTrogloxene 0 0 Arcadian - Shithead by DeineTrogloxene Arcadian - Shithead :icondeinetrogloxene:DeineTrogloxene 1 0 Zeb - The House by DeineTrogloxene Zeb - The House :icondeinetrogloxene:DeineTrogloxene 1 0 Wing position sketches for Minus by DeineTrogloxene Wing position sketches for Minus :icondeinetrogloxene:DeineTrogloxene 1 0 Carno Anthro by DeineTrogloxene Carno Anthro :icondeinetrogloxene:DeineTrogloxene 0 0 Bastien Eye Doodle by DeineTrogloxene Bastien Eye Doodle :icondeinetrogloxene:DeineTrogloxene 1 0


So I've had this character for a few years but I haven't worked on it too much, I've been more focused on her personality and occupation than her physical character design.  

That said, I do have a few traits I know I want her to have - she's rather muscular, has black hair, some shoulder spikes.   

Another thing I do know for this character is I want them to have eyes that are a softer reddish color.

Caveat - I am trying to avoid having these eyes look albino or Moe anime-esque and all references I find seem to fall into one of these categories.  Am I asking for the impossible?

I am considering drawing from two sources instead of one, perhaps using the tones of the Lesser Flamingo and alligator-esque pupils?

So basically 
      The character is a female thief/locksmith/bandit type who has a rather... cavalier personality and a mother of two, so I'm trying to be extra careful about her design not looking too waifu-like by having her eyes be straight up pink.  Does that make sense?   Any advice is appreciated.


United States
Most of my friends online call me Sci though, it's an old nickname, but if you think it's a dumbass name then Lee is fine too.

I dig languages and foreign language music.

I spend my free time smoking my hookah but I'm really uncool so I smoke it alone like a loser.

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Critters are great - Rottweilers, mantids, spiders, and dinosaurs. Pretty much big dumb animals and little dumb animals are all my bag.

My religion is King of the Hill.

My favorite art subject is monster dudes. Monster ladies are diggity too.

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