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Sketches for Zeb by DeineTrogloxene
Mature content
Sketches for Zeb :icondeinetrogloxene:DeineTrogloxene 0 0
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Mature content
My Shape, Your Shape - Part 2 :icondeinetrogloxene:DeineTrogloxene 2 0
Zeb-volcano by DeineTrogloxene Zeb-volcano :icondeinetrogloxene:DeineTrogloxene 3 0 Zebastien - Strange Vision by DeineTrogloxene Zebastien - Strange Vision :icondeinetrogloxene:DeineTrogloxene 0 0 Tsyben - Hard Lesson by DeineTrogloxene Tsyben - Hard Lesson :icondeinetrogloxene:DeineTrogloxene 0 0 Fountain of Miracles by DeineTrogloxene Fountain of Miracles :icondeinetrogloxene:DeineTrogloxene 2 0 Zeb Tattoo by DeineTrogloxene Zeb Tattoo :icondeinetrogloxene:DeineTrogloxene 1 0 Dannah - Now I'm A Stranger by DeineTrogloxene Dannah - Now I'm A Stranger :icondeinetrogloxene:DeineTrogloxene 1 0 Ermolai - Further Concepts by DeineTrogloxene Ermolai - Further Concepts :icondeinetrogloxene:DeineTrogloxene 3 0 Sticks - And - Stones by DeineTrogloxene Sticks - And - Stones :icondeinetrogloxene:DeineTrogloxene 1 0 Zeb - Bleak Silhouette, Bright Eyeshine by DeineTrogloxene Zeb - Bleak Silhouette, Bright Eyeshine :icondeinetrogloxene:DeineTrogloxene 0 0
Since its Inktober, I figure I should share some of my supplies!  I don't have any fancy inks but I am gonna snatch some Deleters and Black Star when I can.

My Nibs From right to left:

  • Nikko G
  • Hunt 101
  • Brausse 361 (Blue Pumpkin)
  • Speedball B-6
  • Nikko Saji Chrome
  • Zebra G Pen

Hoping to add some vintage nibs ( Gladiators etc) but I got a good mix of Japanese manga and Western calligraphy nibs rn. I used to also own some calligraphy pens - two Pilot Metropolitans and a Lamy Safari but they’ve since went missing or become damaged.  

tumblr ohjpt2yX9B1rou6dto1 1280 by DeineTrogloxene

My Pilot Parallel pen and Pentel brush pen!  I use these two in tandem the most.  The bursh pen is loaded with the last of some of my Noodler's BP black.  

Tumblr Ox4u4k0mmi1rou6dto1 1280 by DeineTrogloxene

My poor brushes, which I adore but who don't currently get as much love as my nibs and brush pens.  I really should use them more - the dark handled ones are real sable bristle.  I think the sumi brush ( light handle ) is boar hair?
20171004 032050-1 by DeineTrogloxene


United States
Hi, I am Troglo. Most of my friends online call me Sci though but Lee is fine too. I love making new friends! I know that sounds so corny but I mean it!

I dig linguistics,

I spend my free time smoking my hookah but I'm really uncool so I smoke it alone like a loser.

Triphop, Neue Deutsche Harte, industrial, grunge, post*, and neofolk are my favored flavors of earfood.

Tom Waits, Rob Bottin, Till Lindeman, Stevie Nicks, James Stokoe, Raymond Watts, Guillermo del Toro, Salvador Dali, H.P. Lovecraft, and Warren Ellis are my favorite brains. If you like any of them, there is a good chance I would love to be your bro-ham.

Critters are great - Rottweilers, goats, spiders, velvet worms and dinosaurs.
Pretty much big dumb animals and little dumb animals are all my bag.

My religion is King of the Hill.

My favorite art subject is monster dudes. Monster ladies are diggity too.

General Tumblr
Barely-Used Roleplay Tumblr

"What's with you and all of the unfinished sketches with quotes and lyrics?"

It's difficult to explain, but I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and one of my compulsions has to deal with imagery and lyrics. Sometimes I just compulsively feel like I have to jot down these images and the songs that inspired them otherwise I can't sleep right or focus. If you're still curious, feel free to ask via PM.


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